"Use Form" for Phame post leads to 404


Observed Behavior:
Creating a form for Phame posts and then clicking “Use Form” results in a 404 response.

Expected Behavior:
Clicking “Use Forms” links to a “create Phame post” form with a typeahead to allow choosing the blog.

Phabricator Version:

  • rP5a6764f1790daa90690f92e411262e64cc6f77c1
  • rARC97ddb9d5a1be282d6002a875a759266bb97b653f
  • rPHUa537ba03c994eca87698cc4b95d4db4570edc665

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to /transactions/editengine/phame.blog/.
  2. Click “Create form”
  3. Fill out some default values for Phame posts.
  4. Click on “Use Form”

  1. Go to /transactions/editengine/phame.blog/ .

This should be .../phame.post/, right? This reproduces for me.

We don’t have a typeahead since it’s normally hard to get to this endpoint unless you’re coming from a blog, but “Use Form” is one way to do it, and putting a typeahead on this flow is reasonable and consistent with how other typed objects interact with EditEngine (e.g., MFA factors, recently).