Use GitKraken with Phabricator



I’m new to Phabricator, having used Github/Gitlab in the past, but we use Phab at my new job. I was wondering if you can connect a git GUI application like GitKraken to Phabricator, or, if it’s easier to use something like SourceTree. The downside of SourceTree is it wants me to connect to a BitBucket account in order to start using it, which I don’t have. GitKraken seems like a lighter-weight alternative, but I’ll still need to connect it to Phabricator and they don’t appear to have a walk-through on how to do this.



Nevermind. It turns out you can just open your git repository in GitKraken like any other repo. I keep having to be reminded that with Phabricator, your local git repo is still just an ordinary git repo that you can manage however you normally would.

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