User management in Phabricator


we are using Phabricator since 2015 and user management was somehow limited so we relied on scripts, CLI tools or (in extreme cases), changing directly in the database.

Until recenty, it was possible to change “Real Name” using ./bin people modify [username] when users registered with some gibberish (yes, we know real names of our users).

For some reason, this command was removed in recent changes (Late August), but without replacement.

As an Administrator, only way left to do this now is to change it directly in the database and that feels a bit “dirty”. Is there some other way to do it for someone? Is this change intended or removed by accident?

Similar problem we have is managing user’s email addresses. They are not visible (for Administrator) in People app and because of that we often don’t know if someone registered or not. We had various other situations (typo in email address, trying to register with already registered address) and edge cases in which we would really appreciate to have email visible (just for Administrators).

Are there any plans to improve user management in Phabricator?