Using paths in .arcconfig and .arclint

Hi! I am very new to phab, trying to set up tests and lints for our monorepo i stumbled on an issue:

I set lint command relative to root directory "script-and-regex.script": "./scripts/ ui",

and it works even if I run arc diff from a subfolder

but when i set "unit.engine.jest.command": "./scripts/ ui"

it works only if I do arc diff from the root of the repo, otherwise, it wants to find ./scripts/runTests.js inside the subfolder

How can I specify a path in the config relative to root of a whole repository?


Thanks, figured that out by looking at regex linter implementation

I ended up modifying my custom test class to use

    $root = $this->getRoot();
     foreach ($futures as $future) {

Where each $future is a command to run