Very slow svn import

So I’m importing a very large svn repo and it’s just grinding along very slowly. A few percent per day at best. It’s going to take months to bring it all in. It doesn’t help that the server is also very slow, typically taking 6 to 30seconds to action single queries. But it seems the import process is actually sending a huge number of svn commands. Is there anyway to tell it to minimize the server commands?

Whats the best way to view the import log?
./repository reparse --importing --trace --all R2

Seems to print some stuff and then stop. Re-running it shows a different short segments of commands. Why doesn’t it just keep logging indefinitely?

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(I have no control over the svn server, it’s old and crap)

You know what? The daemons keep stopping the import process… queue does to zero and nothing happens. Hmmm… I know: cronjob - ./bin/phd restart every 10 minutes.

(No I’m not joking… and it does work much better, it’s made more progress in the last 24 hrs than the last 2 weeks)