"View Task" from Maniphest e-mail doesn't have URL

Observed Behavior:

Since Phabricator revision 9a32a563f047 the Maniphest includes “View Task” button, but it does not have any URL assigned to it. This makes it so non-clickable text-only button appears in the mail body.

Expected Behavior:

Would expect it to behave same as “View Revision” button, which can be clicked and leads to a corresponding revision in Diffusion.

Phabricator Version:

Using master branch Git HASH aba7c98baed.

Reproduction Steps:

Can reproduce it locally with the following steps:

  • Start PHD
  • Create new task
  • Get latest e-mail ID using ./bin/mail list-outbound
  • Show details about the latest e-mail: ./bin/mail show-outbound --id <id>
  • In the generated HTML the View Task link looks like: View Task (there is no href="")

Sure enough, in the actual mail client the button is not clickable either.

Thanks! This should be fixed by https://secure.phabricator.com/D20586.