Viewing raw files in repository not possible anymore


Observed Behavior:
We use a script in our CI that downloads a script from a repository for execution. This doesn’t work anymore and the raw file URL is redirecting to the file in the Files application. The downloaded data contains the HTML site instead:

Expected Behavior:
Not long ago the raw view just printed the file contents, nothing else.

Phabricator Version:
phabricator 201c56a91ee5764aaacfbce2c0ad7a5822a7c852 (Fri, Apr 20) (branched from 33da9f833fdd6bbf2d1ade40acd091f4a9f0ac76 on origin) arcanist 23f199bf180758e99b9d5ac604777cbd90d0e507 (Fri, Apr 20) (branched from ad3087e5e151e4b5f5fb39cc6846039fc4f7018f on origin) phutil f3e10579f640ebad648c56f677164647ab7251a4 (Sat, Apr 14) (branched from 20eff1c8d14f08f05ef72828fa379e871d29662c on origin) diff 3.3 at /usr/bin/diff git at /usr/share/phabricator/support/bin/git hg Not Available pygmentize 1.4 at /usr/bin/pygmentize svn Not Available

Reproduction Steps:
Click the link above for an example.


Anyone has an idea how we can still can the raw file with a direct URL?