Welcome message never arrived at mailbox, how to trace it?


How do you trace email notification process?

Because, all email notification is successfully delivered to every user, but only send welcome message is not delivered. How can I trace it?


I mean, send welcome message is sent and delivered by phabricator, but it never arrive at targets mailbox.


Debugging email is always a hard one.

You can use ./bin/mail send-test to send a email, but that only works for registered users (who have usernames).

./bin/mail show-outbound will show the status of the welcome mail (grep for “has invited you” in the subject), and then you can try to work out with your mail provider to see what happened to that letter.

Most likely, the messages are sent correctly, and then captured by a spam filter in the recipient/on transit, because the sender is unknown, or because the recipient isn’t white-listed in the mailer.


The thing is, other email notification (example: someone closed task, someone reopen, etc) was successfully sent and arrive at recipient mailbox.

And you are right, message are sent correctly. I have tried ./bin/mail send-test, the message was sent, but never arrived at recipient, also not show up on spam folder. The same behaviour also happened on Send Welcome Message. I wonder why?

But at least using show-outbound can give me a detail body message so I can give the user an activation link using other way.

Thank you