What is the best way to add tags for multiple commits in different repositories through API?


Hi All!
Task: We need to tag different commits in several repositories. Jenkins knows the name of the repository and the first 6 characters of the hash commit in git repos, as well as the version of which you need to tag these commits.
For example: the tag you want to add: 1.0.0 for commits:
b3309d6 in repo ms-service1;
747caf6 in repo ms-service2;
2b33811 in repo ms-service3.
What is the best way to do this?
What are the calls worth taking?
I am looking on to diffusion.commit.edit, but don’t get what data I need to put with projects.add.


If you’re talking about git tags, there’s no way to add them via conduit, you’ll need to add them using git push commands.

If you’re talking about Phabricator Project tags, the value in projects.add would be the Project’s PHID.


Yes, I am talking about git tags.
Thnx for you answer.

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