When pressing on links, Site Not Found

Hello All,

KIndly I’m facing an issue with the installing, everything works fine except the emails part which is being configured and send successfully via SendGrid

The problem is that the emails arrive from subdomain url 7684 like this

And when the user clicks on the email, he is faced with

Site Not Found

This request asked for “/ls/click” on host “url7684.domain.com”, but no site is configured which can serve this request.

My website runs Apache, with Php 7 and MySQL
The apache is handling directives and subdomains with server Alias in vhost conf and ssl conf
Like the following
ServerAlias *.domain.com

I cannot figure out the problem and I search for 2 days on the internet for clues but with no luck.

Phabricator does not rewrite links in email.

You can see the raw email that Phabricator hands off to mailers with bin/mail list-outbound and bin/mail show-outbound --id <id>.

I suspect you have configured SendGrid to inject link tracking into the mail.

Thanks alot, really saved me further confusion

Checking the below case with SendGrid tracking, it seems indeed a configuration issue from their side