Why advanced search doesn't offer column name

Is there any guess when we could get option to search tasks by column they belong to?

Advanced search doesn’t offer such option and I think it is really important for using exported data in other purposes.

For example, when my task is “QA (Iteration 7) (Done)”, there is no way I can export data “Done”.

What do you think about it? Thank you!

As a possible workaround, you may be able to add a trigger to the “Done” column which closes tasks that are dropped into it.

See also https://secure.phabricator.com/T7907, etc.

Yep, we already use triggers. We add new tag “something Done” when moved to Done column for example, but this approach is not perfect as some tasks are shared between multiple teams. So each team would require e.g. “System done”, or “QA done”, or “Design done” etc… for this to work correctly.

Reason why we don’t close/resolve tasks moved to done is production release timing (not all teams ofc). Tasks that are done are not necessarily resolved until pushed to production branch.


To sum up, there is no way we can expect such possibility in near future? It cannot be part of tag when data is exported?