Workboard columns filtered with custom queries


I am using workboards to quickly identify the “sub status” of my open tasks.
It’s easy to identify what needs to be tested and to change the order in which the tasks will be picked up from the backlog.
I am heavily using sub-tasks instead of sub-projects to conveniently access the real time status of each small “roadmap” it represents.
In order to keep the workboard readable,

  • I’d like to filtrate the tasks of column to remove any parent task that has opened sub-tasks.
  • I’d like to be able to show freshly closed tasks to help identify potential culprits development from freshly merged tasks when new bugs are showing up.

I managed to build queries in Maniphest to have the tasks that I’d like to appear in each workboard column, but I only found a way to use them in dashboards…

I could build a Dashboard with the right columns but I’d lose the possibility to move the tasks around between compatible columns…

Is there a way to actually get that :pray: ?


You can filter which task show in a workboard using this element:
But there’s no way to filter tasks in each workboard column.

The plans around this feature are to let you have custom things happen when you drag a task to a column (using Herald), so you could build a “project” that will mirror sub-task statuses in both ways.

You can currently filter out “tasks that have open subtasks” entirely from a workboard, and select a filter by URI, so you can have your first bullet.


Thanks Aviv !
Filtering the tasks that have open sub-tasks and make that the default workload greatly improved my day to day !
Having the “Done” column as a panel of a dashboard is fine to keep them in memory until we can have the custom actions when getting in a column :wink:
Keep up the good work and thank you for being so active.